January 13, 2018

1st Blended Mobility (Italy)

The first Blended Mobility took place in Italy, Montesarchio, from 07/05/2018 to 11/05/2018.

Monday, 7th May 2018

In the morming the host school organized a short welcome event for the participants, who were greeted by the school headmaster and the local project coordinator.
The programme continued at the Town Hall where the Major Mr Franco Damiano organized a brief welcome event with buffet. In the afternoon there was the FIRST INTERNATIONAL Competition.
All the students coming from the partner countries and four Italian students took part in the competition.
The race was held regularly.

Tuesday, 8th May 2018

The second day there was the math activity TREASURE HUNT.
The competition took place in the various rooms of the school and in the most characteristic places of Montesarchio.
The teams were made up of students from various countries and competed with enthusiasm and fun.
In the evening there was a meeting between the participating teachers and the local coordinator to proceed to the correction of the tests made by the students in the individual international competition.
At the end of the correction we have drawn up a ranking and the first classified was a Hungarian student. It was decided to reward the first three classified students.

Wednesday, 9th May 2018

The third day was dedicated to the guided tour of the Pompeii archaeological site and the visit to the historic center of Naples. All the participants were very enthusiastic about the beauty of the place and the interesting historic/cultural itinerary.

Thursday, 10th May 2018

The fourth day was dedicated to the guided tour of AMALFI, located on the Amalfitana coast.
The place was reached with a mini-cruise by sea. The trip with the boat was from salerno to amalfi for round trip. During the journey there was a stop at the “CAVE of the Emerald” which is accessed by a small boat. All the participants enjoyed the boat trip and were very enthusiastic about the beauty of the places, the splendor of Amalfi and the interesting natural/historical itinerary.

Friday, 11th May 2018

The last day the mathematical activities of the project were carried out as foreseen by the form. At the beginning of the morning the participants were involved in a math lesson and interacted with each other on the topic dealt with. Then the coordinator moved on to the presentation of the etwinning platform and instructions were given to use it. At the end of the laboratory activities there was a brief ceremony with the delivery of the certificates of participation. After all the group went to Caserta, where the math treasure hunt took place in the park of the royal palace. The pupils divided into teams have solved the math problems set in the park of the palace and have walked the main avenue and have also visited the English garden. The working groups found it very interesting to apply to mathematics directly to the places visited. The lunch break was a picnic into the park. In the late afternoon the partners went to Naples to return to their countries of origin. End of the mobility Activity C1.

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