January 13, 2018

2nd Blended Mobility (Greece)

The second Blended Mobility took place in Greece, Nafplio, from 12/11/2018 to 16/11/2018.

Monday, 12th November 2018

In the first day the european students were received by the school choir and they presented themselves, their countries and schools. They visited the museum of the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation to meet with the past of everyday greek life. They visited the European Direct office in Nafplio where they met with the head of the office and talked about the students’ prospects in the EU.
The welcoming lunch of this day was held in the school where all students, parents and teachers made local food and deserts, and hosted all the partners. The lunch ended with local dances.
The first day ended with a guided tour in the city of Nafplio prepared and executed by the greek students.

Tuesday, 13th November 2018

The second day started with the international tests in math and logic for the students from all the countries for 2 consecutive hours.
After the tests all partners visited the historic building of the Mayor’s House where they were welcomed by the Mayor and the Education Counselor, and talked about the project, their impressions and the importance of participating in European Programs and visits.
In the afternoon the partners participated in activities and games concerning maths and logic in the Municipal Gym of Nafplio, designed by the greek teachers. The games were experiential and promoted group bonding as well as the subject of the project.
The closing of the day was very enthusiastic by all partners when the greek students and the greek physical education teachers gave a greek dance lesson connecting the greek tradition in dance and music with mathematical logic and algorithms.
In the late afternoon , there was the meeting of the participating teachers. The teachers discussed about the mobility and administrative problems they might have. They also corrected the students’ tests in math and logic from the morning’s competition.

Wednesday, 14th November 2018

The third day was a cultural – historical and pedagogical visit to the archaeological sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus.
The greek students have prepared and executed all the guidance to the sites in the english language. All the 20 students participated in turns to the guidance helped by their english teachers and philologists.
The European partners got in contact with the roots of european civilization and visited in person many points of interest mentioned by their school books. The guidance was connected again with the project’s subject (math and logic) whereas the ancient theatre of Epidaurus was built using the greek analogies of golden Φ.
The day closed with the students dancing greek dances that learned the previous day!

Thursday, 15th November 2018

In the fourth day the students had to escape from 4 escape rooms. In every escape room there were mathematical quizzes that the students had to solve in order to unlock the little box and get the door key.
The partners visited the venetian castle of Palamidi in Nafplio where the greek students guided them in the castle.
The official closing lunch was an offer by the Municipality of Nafplio, in a city restaurant. And the official closing ceremony was held in the Centre of Hellenic Studies of the University of Harvard in Nafplio. The guide of the center presented the activities of the Centre, gave little souvenirs to every participant. And then the Awards and Certificates were given to the students and teachers participating in the visit. There were 3 awards for the best performances in the international tests held during the 3rd day and a new award for the school with the best total performance.
The Regional Director of Education was there to hand off the awards and the certificates, along with the Head of Educational Matters.
Like in every day the students in their intervals played football, basketball and danced syrtaki!

Friday, 16th November 2018

The last day all partners visited Acropolis of Athens and the museum of Acropolis. They had professional guidance that promoted a detailed introduction to the greek civilization, a very good connection to the present, and again a connection to the mathematical subject of the project whereas the architects of Acropolis used the golden analogies of Φ to construct it.
After the walk to Monastiraki, that connected the ancient Athens to the present, the students said emotionally goodbye because they got really connected to each other during the last 5 days.

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