January 13, 2018


The 1st Gymnasium of Nafplion is one of two junior high schools in the town.It has 306 students and employs 37 teachers.

Nafplio is a touristic town situated by the sea,in a historic area where the Mycenaean civilization flourished during the Bronze Age in Ancient Greece.

It had an importantrole during the revolution against the Ottoman Empire and has been the capital of the First Hellenic Republic after the liberation.

It currently has about 14000 inhabitants and is surrounded by many small villages.
Our school is a central school of the town that gathers students from regional primary schools.

Many students come from lower social and economic classes, others from rural areas and a respectable proportion (14%) comes from immigrant families usually
born in Greece.

It is the only school of general education in the area of Nafplion with integration classes for teaching and supporting children with specific learning difficulties and
needs. 11% of our students fall in this category.

The heterogeneous composition of the student population is for our school a challenge to establish and implement the principles of Inclusive Education.
Our school was selected to implement the new pilot curriculum following related teacher training for the new educational spirit it proposed.

The teachers in the school participate in conferences, seminars and trainings on pedagogical or scientific issues in their field. They apply active forms of teaching.
Almost all of them are trained and have a certification in using ICT in teaching.

Each year many notable programs (environmental, cultural, career education) take place at school, incorporated in the school activities, as well as cooperation programs
with european schools (e-twinning).

Recently our school joined Inspiring Science Education Network / Open Discovery Space in Greece and within this network teachers have participated in relevant training
courses and student activities have been integrated into the curriculum.

School website link: http://1gym-nafpl.arg.sch.gr/wordpress/