January 13, 2018


The Institute of Higher Education "Enrico Fermi" is located in Montesarchio, the largest municipality in the province of Benevento, in the Campania region, in south-central Italy.

Montesarchio is a town of about 14,000 inhabitants, still the most vibrant center Caudina Valley, crossed by the state Appia, hub of many businesses and entrepreneurial.

Montesarchio is a town three hundred meters above sea level, grouped around a hill dominated by the castle and the tower of medieval origin.

From school year 2010/2011, with the Reform of Secondary Schools, in our institution, are active the following fields of study: High School, High School of Applied Sciences, School of Human Sciences, School of Human Sciences Economic- Social, Language High School .

School website link: http://www.fermimontesarchio.gov.it/

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